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Raise Money with a Fair Trade Fundraiser

Fair Trade Products Fundraising

If your nonprofit is looking for a product sales fundraiser that will bring in money for your organization as well as help the artisans and producers of the products consider having a Fair Trade Fundraiser.

Perhaps you have never heard of the term “fair trade.” The Fair Trade movement is a market-based approach to trade that empowers small farmers and producers of goods in developing countries by advocating the payment of a fair price for their products that are exported to developed … read more

Fundraise With Donation Boxes And Jars

You have probably seen donation boxes or jars near the cash registers at businesses in your community. These can be a great way to gain not only money for your cause, but also publicity for your organization. Your organization can make the containers or your can buy professionally made containers at a very reasonable price.

The ideal container is a see-through one because potential donors will see that money has already been donated and will be motivated to give their own spare change at the cash … read more

Fundraising Success Plan
Simple Success Fundraising Plan Kit