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Raise Money with a Fair Trade Fundraiser

Fair Trade Products Fundraising

If your nonprofit is looking for a product sales fundraiser that will bring in money for your organization as well as help the artisans and producers of the products consider having a Fair Trade Fundraiser.

Perhaps you have never heard of the term “fair trade.” The Fair Trade movement is a market-based approach to trade that empowers small farmers and producers of goods in developing countries by advocating the payment of a fair price for their products that are exported to developed … read more

Blog Action Day 2010 – Posts Samplings and Petition

Every October 15th is Blog Action Day.

Bloggers from around the world write about one topic that is of great social importance.
This year the topic is water.

Below are links to blogs that are participating in Blog Action Day this year.

Blog Action Day: Protecting America’s Waters Today | Environment

Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, is part of’s Changemakers network, comprised of leading voices for social change. As part Blog Action Day, she… Read more of this … read more

Writing the Best Church Fundraising Letters

If you are facing up to a large church fund raising effort, chances are you want to attack the issue from all sides.

If you need a significant amount of money, say for a new building or refurbishment of a current one, then obviously it won’t be enough just to sell a few chocolate bars and hope for the best. While running supplementary fundraising efforts can certainly help, you will probably also want to make use of church fundraising letters, that can be sent out … read more

Looking for a Creative Fundraiser – Try Cutlery

High-profile, celebrity backed, headline grabbing fundraisers seem to be in vogue these days. But they’re certainly not the only way to raise money for a worthy cause.

An army of churches, school groups and community organizations across the country
have been quietly raising millions of dollars for more than 50 years by selling a bit of culinary nostalgia.

Ann Dell, 66, has single-handedly decorated much of her Waycross, Ga. church by selling Rada Cutlery for the past 15 years. Thanks to … read more

Fundraising Success Plan
Simple Success Fundraising Plan Kit