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Successful Organizations Raise Funds All Year Long

Fundraising for nonprofit groups is not a single event that takes place each time your organization has a need for money. In order to be successful, fundraising has to take place all the time. Most nonprofit organizations have a person in charge of all the fundraising. This person may be a Vice President on the Board of Directors. This person would then be in charge of the teams that run the individual fundraisers.

Most nonprofit organizations employ more than one method of fundraising and have several fundraisers throughout the year. Experts in fundraising advise doing just a couple of fundraisers and doing them well. This is a good idea in order to avoid fundraiser “burn out.” Not only do volunteers tire of fundraising, donors also become tired of being continually asked to contribute.

Having several methods of fundraising is also a good idea because your volunteers and donors will want to be involved in one type of fundraiser and may not not be interested in another. For example, some folks may think a walk-a-thon is a lot of fun and will want to participate in that. Other folks may prefer a craft sale.

For a small organization four fundraisers a year may be all you can handle. Try a mix of two special event plus two product sales. You may be able to earn as much as $10,000 a year if they are well run and well attended.

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