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Recycling Fundraisers

You can also hold a month long drive and still bring in substantial profits. People like to contribute to recycling efforts because it makes them feel that they are participating in preserving the environment and it doesn’t cost them any money. It’s a win-win situation. Recycling can bring in good publicity for your club or group.

Some items your group can recycle for money are:

Cell Phones — It is estimated that 100 million cellphones are replaced every year. Throwing away cellphones is not good for the environment. Cell phones that end up in landfills contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, mercury and materials that can degrade into arsenic.

There are quite a few companies that work with nonprofit organizations to recycle cellphones. When you contact the recyling company they will let you know their policies on which types of cell phones they will accept and how much they will pay for each one. Generally, a cellphone has to be in working order, and have the batteries, sim card and recharger it came with. Most companies want you to collect a minimum number of phones, such as twenty or one hundred before you send them in. Cellphone recyclers usually send you shipping containers and pay for the postage. If a phone is not in good enough shape to be refurbished you can still send it in. It will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner but you may not receive any money for it.

Inkjet Printer and Toner Cartridges – Do a search on the internet for “inkjet recycling for fundraising” and you will find many companies that do this. Some of them also do cellphone recycling. Most of these companies will send your organization a recycling information kit. You will receive a list of what brands of inkjet and toner cartridges to collect and how much they will pay for each one. Some recyclers will guarantee you $3.00 per cartridge. The cartridges should be in “virgin” condition, which means that they have not been previously refilled or recycled.

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Newspapers – Follow the guidelines for bundling newspapers and take them to your local newspaper recycling center.

Aluminum Cans and household products – In addition to aluminun cans, household products such as foil, pie plates can be recycled. Other recycleable aluminm products are: automobile wheels, awnings, barbecue grills, baseball bats, bikes, bumpers, canoes, radiators, fencing, ladders, etc. You can recycle brass and copper products as well. Search online for recyclers in your area.

Fundraising recycling programs not only raise money they benefit the environment. Over the course of a year your organization can easily make $2,000 to $4000 without too much effort. Set up donation boxes in central locations where your members can drop off their items to be recycled. Or, have a monthly neighborhood pick up and walk through your neighborhood.

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