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Raise Money with a Fair Trade Fundraiser

Fair Trade Products Fundraising

If your nonprofit is looking for a product sales fundraiser that will bring in money for your organization as well as help the artisans and producers of the products consider having a Fair Trade Fundraiser.

Perhaps you have never heard of the term “fair trade.” The Fair Trade movement is a market-based approach to trade that empowers small farmers and producers of goods in developing countries by advocating the payment of a fair price for their products that are exported to developed countries. These exports are organic products such as coffee, tea, cocoa, honey, sugar, bananas, cotton, wine, fresh fruit and flowers.

Handcrafted items from artisans such as clothing, jewelry and decorative household items are also among the fair trade products. The majority of the fair trade farmers and artisans poor and disadvantaged people in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. With fair trade they, as individuals or cooperatives form long-term trade agreements and earn a living wage.

There are a number of companies that import fair trade products and sell them in the United States. Many of these companies also work with nonprofit organizations providing fair trade products for fundraisers. Fundraising with Fair Trade Products are Win-Win fundraisers. With a fair trade product fundraiser the producer in the developing country benefits as well as the organization holding the fundraiser. In addition to raising money, a fair trade fundraiser also raises awareness of the fair trade concept as well as awareness of the living conditions of the artisans and farmers in the developing country.

Products that are certified as fair trade produced bear a label from the Fair Trade Federation. The products must pass a screening before they are certified. Products for Fair Trade Fundraisers can be sold by methods such as catalog sales and and home parties. Schools and churches often have educational programs about the fair trade movement along with the fundraisers.

Coffee fundraising with fair trade coffee can be a long-term fundraiser that helps not only your nonprofit organization but all coffee farmers throughout the world. Churches and businesses where coffee is served on a daily basis frequently choose to serve fair trade coffee.

Chocolate fundraisers with fair trade chocolate can be a learning experience when sold by youth groups. Buying and selling fair trade chocolate helps to eliminate forced child labor, and helps provide education and healthcare for cocoa farming communities.

Fair trade fundraising products are generally no more expensive than regular products. They are also environmentally friendly and organic which many consumers prefer to buy.

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