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Fundraising Through PayPal Donations

Many people are aware of PayPal and have used it to pay for eBay auctions. Anyone with an e-mail address can set up a PayPal account to send and receive money. Your club, team, or non-profit organization can also benefit by receiving donations via PayPal. Your supporters can send a secure online payment using a credit card, or make a transfer from their bank account.

Receive Cash Donations through your Website

If your organization has a website you can easily set up a PayPal donation button on your homepage. Include a paragraph on your homepage explaining this method and encourage readers to click on your donation button to contribute. Or, create an entire page on your website discussing your organization’s needs and encourage readers to donate through PayPal. You can create several types of buttons and make it easy for your supporters to donate to you. You can create a series of buttons in incremental dollar amounts that your supporters can choose from. Monthly donation subscriptions can also be set up. Your webmaster can find detailed instructions on how to set up the payment options and buttons by visiting

Receive Cash Donations without a Website

If you don’t have a website for your organization you probably still have an e-mail address. Include your e-mail address on your printed materials and explain that supporters can send you donations by logging onto their PayPal account and send cash to your e-mail address.

Use PayPal along with other methods to solicit donations

We recommend using PayPal as one of your methods to receive donations of cash for your organization. Once you set things up you can receive money 24 hours a day from anyone in the world with an e-mail address. Who knows, someone may be surfing the internet and find your website and decide they want to support your cause.

Record-keeping made easy with PayPal

When you receive a donation, PayPal will send an e-mail letting you know the amount and who sent it. You will also be charged a small percentage fee by PayPal for the transaction. Your supporter will also receive an e-mail receipt. This is a fool-proof method of tracking donations. Make sure that someone in your organization is in charge of sending a personal thank-you and acknowledgement to your supporter.

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