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Fundraising Sales Representative Careers

Are you looking for a flexible career that allows you to set your own hours and work out of your home? Fundraising sales representatives enjoy just this type of career. Although it does involve selling fundraising products and services, it is not your typical sales representative career.

Many people become fundraising reps after years of volunteer fundraising experience. People who have developed contacts in their community and know how to motivate volunteers and run a successful fundraising campaign are just the type of people that fundraising companies are looking for.

Stay-at-home moms, school teachers, and retirees often have the experience needed and make ideal fundraising reps. As a matter of fact, if you have been a volunteer fundraiser for any length of time you may find yourself being recruited by a national fundraising company.

What does a fundraising rep do?

Fundraising reps usually work on a commission basis. As an independent representative you’ll call upon schools, clubs, churches, teams, and other nonprofit organzations to present the progam and products that your company offers. These products can be anything from magazines, cookie dough, and wrapping paper to art auctions.

During the fundraiser you’ll be in charge of working with the nonprofit group in every way to help them carry out it out. Members of the nonprofit organization will rely on you to help them kick-off their campaign, collect the money and make sure the products are delivered.

You will need flexible hours because many times you will be working evenings and weekends.

You will receive a commission based upon the amount of products that are sold. The better job you do at helping the nonprofit organization sell their products the more money you will earn. You may work with the same organizations year after year and you can build up quite a substantial income after a few years as a rep.

What equipment will you need as a fundraising rep?

Like any other home-based business you will need to set up an offce. Usually your clients will not be coming to your office so you can have it anywhere in your home. You’ll need the basic equipment such as a desk, computer, printer, fax, telephone, file cabinets and office supplies.

You will also need space to store your presentation supplies and samples. You will also, of course, need reliable transporation and a cell phone.

What kind of person makes a good fundraising rep?

Some of the qualities needed to be a successful fundraising rep are: good organizational skills, leadership and team building skills, self-confidence and the ability to make oral presentations in front of a large audience, ability to handle money and legal contracts, and self motivation to run your own business.

You should also have a network of community contacts and enjoy working with people.

Start your job search by contacting the companies you have worked with in past or do search on the internet for leads to start you on this career path

If you have done volunteer fundraising for nonprofit organizations in the past you may not realize that you already possess the qualities and experience needed by the many national fundraising companies.

-Click Here – for a list of Fundraising Companies Seeking Sales Reps

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