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Focus on Your Fundraising Goals

Put first things first.

Never start a fundraising project unless you know why you’re raising the money and how the money will be spent. Determine your wants/needs. Poll everyone involved in your project including group members and participants to find out what they see as the top funding priorities.

Get everyone on board
. Once you set a goal, and long before you launch your fundraising project, educate prospective participants on what the goal is and how it will enrich your project. The result: more people will take ownership.

Develop and memorize your mission statement.
In business, they call it a “value proposition”. Sum up the specifics of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it in two sentences or less. Make sure it has a compelling call to action and include it in all your communications. Memorize it and have your volunteers memorize it.

Never miss an opportunity to promote.
Use the same vehicles you use to promote the fundraising drive to communicate the program’s goal. Utilize the Internet, online forums and chat groups, event-related newsletters, pre-kick-off letters, postcards, emails, flyers, posters, roadside signs, press releases, public service announcements, newspapers, and radio. Include pictures whenever possible.

Plant and harvest at the same time.
Upon completion of your fundraising project, take the time to thank your participants for their continued support. Remind them of what they helped make happen during your fundraising project.

Article courtesy: The Fundraising Edge from The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers

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