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eBay Giving Works is an innovative program designed to put the power of the eBay Marketplace to work for nonprofit organizations. To date, more than $40 million has been raised for nonprofits through items sold on eBay. Any nonprofit organization can fundraise through eBay.

There are two ways to sell items through eBay as a nonprofit

Community Selling – Anyone can sell items on eBay and donate part of or the entire final sale price to your organization. Donations resulting from the sales of eBay Giving Works items will be collected and distributed to you, and tax receipts will be issued to the seller on your behalf.

Direct Selling – Your nonprofit organization can list items for sale on eBay. You collect the proceeds from the buyers, and you are responsible for providing a tax receipt, if applicable.

To participate in eBay Giving Works your organization must first register with MissionFish, a licensed nonprofit service of the Points of Light Foundation. MissionFish’s valuable service and support includes: powering the nonprofit directory for eBay Giving Works; verifying that nonprofits are eligible for this program; collecting and disbursing sellers’ donations; providing sellers with tax receipts; and tracking donations online. In addition, eBay will do

Benefits of selling online through eBay Giving Works

* Tap into a new source of fundraising and add to your supporter base
* Reinvigorate existing supporters and offer a new way for the to donate
* Turn in-kind gifts into unrestriced funding for your organizations mission
* Reach a community of million with your message and cause

DIY Fundraising recommends: Visit eBay Giving Works and see if your program could benefit. Then, register with MissionFish and try online auctions.

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