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Cookbook Fundraisers – A Recipe for Successful Fundraising

Cookbook fundraisers can be done by almost any size group, club, team, church or organization.

People love to get involved and contribute their favorite family recipe and see it in print.

Fundraising cookbooks make great gifts and will become a treasured keepsake. You can collect and print the recipes on your own or have your cookbooks professionally printed.

Selling cookbooks is easy and can be used as a long-term fundraiser.
Keep a supply for sale in the principal’s office at school. Any time your organization has an event or meeting you can display some cookbooks. If you have a bake sale, take some cookbooks along. Give cookbooks away as a raffle prize or use in your auctions.

Ask local businesses, such as bakeries, video stores, coffee shops, and the like to display and sell your cookbooks for you.

To bring in more money, perhaps even enough to cover your printing costs, you can sell advertising space in the cook book. Ask Local businesses and even families to buy advertising spots. This way your organization will be able to keep all your profits.

There are many cookbook publishers that will handle the process for you. All you have to do is submit your recipes to them and they will produce and deliver your completed cookbook to your organization.

Featured Fundraising Cookbook Publishers

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