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How to Host a Charity Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Are you looking for new ideas for your next fundraising event?

How about a wine tasting fundraiser? You don’t have to be a wine expert or live in wine country to host a charity wine tasting.

Wine tasting fundraisers can be as casual or as formal
or as want them to be. They can also be adapted to small groups or you can host a large gala wine tasting. There are many twists to raising money with a wine tasting.
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Recession-proof Fundraising

Turn on any news show and you’ll hear analysts and pundits forecasting economic doom and gloom. Their reports are filled with words and phrases like “economic downturn,” “soft economy,” and the dreaded “recession.” While the jury is still out about whether or not we’re really in a recession, now is a great time to recession-proof your fundraising effort.

Weak economies can be very helpful for nonprofits. During such times, organizations are forced to be leaner and more efficient. When the economy rebounds, … read more

Your Fundraising Letter: Make it or Break it

It’s just about fundraising season! And that means it’s time to get a fundraising letter in the mail.

Before you get started, I wanted to share with you how to make your fundraising letter successful. I’ve seen folks spend hours and hours carefully editing their fundraising letter then get frustrated when it doesn’t give them the results they want. To help you avoid that same fate, consider these factors of your appeal’s success.

The List (40%) – The list you use to mail … read more

Empty Bowls Fundraisers Help Fight Hunger

Empty Bowls Fundraisers are held all over the United States and the world
to raise money and awareness to help fight hunger and food insecurity.

The project was the idea of a school teacher who wanted to raise awareness of hunger by filling empty bowls. She started doing this in 1990 and it has become a grassroots movement throughout the world.

The way it works is that ceramic bowls are created and donated and then sold at a dinner or banquet. … read more

State Tax Laws for Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Tax laws for nonprofit organizations vary from state to state.

Your organization is responsible with keeping up with the ever-changing tax regulations.

First and foremost, before your group conducts a fundraiser
make sure that you have filed paperwork with your state’s department of revenue that has declared your organization is a nonprofit or 501(c)(3) organization. The treasurer and accountant for your organization will need to make sure meticulous records are kept and and laws are followed when conducting … read more

Cookbook Fundraisers – A Recipe for Successful Fundraising

Cookbook fundraisers can be done by almost any size group, club, team, church or organization.

People love to get involved and contribute their favorite family recipe and see it in print.

Fundraising cookbooks make great gifts and will become a treasured keepsake. You can collect and print the recipes on your own or have your cookbooks professionally printed.

Selling cookbooks is easy and can be used as a long-term fundraiser.
Keep a supply for sale in the principal’s office at school. … read more

Looking for a Creative Fundraiser – Try Cutlery

High-profile, celebrity backed, headline grabbing fundraisers seem to be in vogue these days. But they’re certainly not the only way to raise money for a worthy cause.

An army of churches, school groups and community organizations across the country
have been quietly raising millions of dollars for more than 50 years by selling a bit of culinary nostalgia.

Ann Dell, 66, has single-handedly decorated much of her Waycross, Ga. church by selling Rada Cutlery for the past 15 years. Thanks to … read more

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