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Fundraising Companies Seeking Sales Reps and Consultants

Here is a list of companies that are actively seeking fundraising sales representatives and fundraising consultants. More companies will be added as we find them. — The premier school fundraising program that is not only fun but, best of all, it can raise more money than all your other fundraisers combined. Call: 856-396-7304 or email at — Offers a wide variety of great gourmet products and educational services to help nonprofits raise money. Fill out an online … read more

The Principal’s Role in School Fundraising

When it comes to school fundraising, the principal’s endorsement is worth its weight in gold.

Principals, if they’re willing, can play a major role in the success of their schools’ fundraisers by working with the PTA or PTO to get parents, teachers and students excited about the program. Too often, principals delegate complete fundraising responsibility to someone else – often the school’s parent/teacher organization. Unfortunately, this hands-off approach can hamper a fundraiser’s success, which means students may miss out on that new computer lab … read more

Organizing Your School PTA Fundraising Effort

If you are involved in the PTA at your school, you may have come across the sad reality that funding is not what it used to be for most schools. This means that being a part of the school PTA will probably involve you having to organize a PTA fundraising effort at some point. If you want to make sure that your school has everything it needs financially, setting up some school fundraisers can really help the school out with its goals.

When you start your … read more

Focus on Your Fundraising Goals

Put first things first.

Never start a fundraising project unless you know why you’re raising the money and how the money will be spent. Determine your wants/needs. Poll everyone involved in your project including group members and participants to find out what they see as the top funding priorities.

Get everyone on board
. Once you set a goal, and long before you launch your fundraising project, educate prospective participants on what the goal is and how it will enrich your project. The result: more people … read more

Choosing A Fundraising Company

Choosing the right fundraising company is a critical step toward your program’s success.

In some areas, dozens of companies offer fundraising products and services. Though the competition may create certain advantages for the fundraising organizer, it also increases the need to completely evaluate a company before choosing a program. It is a good idea to pare the list of candidates down to two or three companies before scheduling appointments to allow ample time for thorough interviews.

A critical consideration when evaluating a company is service. Let the … read more

Fundraising Sales Representative Careers

Are you looking for a flexible career that allows you to set your own hours and work out of your home? Fundraising sales representatives enjoy just this type of career. Although it does involve selling fundraising products and services, it is not your typical sales representative career.

Many people become fundraising reps after years of volunteer fundraising experience. People who have developed contacts in their community and know how to motivate volunteers and run a successful fundraising campaign are just the type of people that … read more

Fundraising and Todays Busy Teacher

Todays school teacher has a lot on her plate. She drives to work thinking about the days lesson plan, races to check her e-mail before the first bell, herds several of her students to and from the bathroom, and calls roll all before the first piece of chalk hits the board. Its no wonder the school fundraiser isnt her first priority.

“I very rarely have all 20 of my kids in the classroom at the same time,” said second-grade teacher Jessica Carlton. “Theyre either going … read more

Successful Organizations Raise Funds All Year Long

Fundraising for nonprofit groups is not a single event that takes place each time your organization has a need for money. In order to be successful, fundraising has to take place all the time. Most nonprofit organizations have a person in charge of all the fundraising. This person may be a Vice President on the Board of Directors. This person would then be in charge of the teams that run the individual fundraisers.

Most nonprofit organizations employ more than one method of fundraising and have several … read more

How to Thank Your Donors

Always remember, it is necessary to thank your donors after your fundraiser is over. Afterall, you are thankful that they spent either their time or money, or both, to help your organization further its cause. Depending on your budget there are many ways to thank supporters and donors.

Some of the ways to thank your donors are:

Send a postcard or letter thanking them and letting them know how your organization benifeted

Present a certificate of appreciation. Some people like to frame certificates and display them in their … read more

Handling the Money During a Fundraiser

How to avoid common mistakes and make sure money from your next fundraiser flows smoothly from the community to the bank.

Handling Money: Two heads are better than one

Whenever money is involved, experienced fundraisers say that two people should share the job of handling the money. “If two people are counting, recording and verifying each other?s amounts, you?ll catch each other,” according to Monroe. Ideally, each will have experience and feel comfortable working with money. But Kerry McCullough, a fundraising company owner in El Paso, TX, … read more

Fundraising Success Plan
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