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How to Host a Charity Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Are you looking for new ideas for your next fundraising event?

How about a wine tasting fundraiser? You don’t have to be a wine expert or live in wine country to host a charity wine tasting.

Wine tasting fundraisers can be as casual or as formal
or as want them to be. They can also be adapted to small groups or you can host a large gala wine tasting. There are many twists to raising money with a wine tasting.
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Fundraise With Donation Boxes And Jars

You have probably seen donation boxes or jars near the cash registers at businesses in your community. These can be a great way to gain not only money for your cause, but also publicity for your organization. Your organization can make the containers or your can buy professionally made containers at a very reasonable price.

The ideal container is a see-through one because potential donors will see that money has already been donated and will be motivated to give their own spare change at the cash … read more

Food Concession Fundraisers

If your organization has enough people and equipment or a location to do the cooking – try fundraising with food concessions.

You can cook food indoors, such as in a church or school kitchen,
or cook food outdoors on grills. Food concessions can be combined with events such as craft fairs, bazaars, car washes, tournaments, etc. Or, they can be done by themselves such as outside in a parking lot of a store on a weekend morning.

Indoor Food Concession Ideas

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Car Wash Fundraisers

The key to a successful car wash fundraiser event is to eliminate chaos before it starts.

Having done more than 100 car wash fundraisers myself, I can safely say that there is a right way and a wrong way to do a car wash fundraiser. Here are some tips in organizing your next successful car wash fundraiser.


Bringing the troops together isn’t easy. First they need to be motivated. Chances are you already have synergy in your group. You need to harvest this synergy to make … read more

Bake sale Fundraising

What mom hasn’t baked a pan of brownies or Rice Kripsy Treats for a bake sale?

Bake sales can be as casual as one held at the baseball game or as elaborate as a yearly, well-publicized, holiday cookie sale.

Ideas for Creative Bake Sales

Monthly or Weekly bake sales school clubs can hold a bake sale the last Friday of every month. Parents donate cookies and treats that the students and teachers buy for dessert at lunchtime.

Churches can hold a weekly or … read more

Advertising Sales Fundraisers

If your club or organization produces printed materials throughout the year such as programs, newsletters, yearbooks, handbooks, calendars, and the like, you can sell advertising space to help defray the printing expenses.

Advertising sales are popular with local small businesses. Self-employed business people such as insurance agents and hairdressers are likely to buy advertising. Make it easy for your advertisers and offer business card advertisements. This allows the advertiser to simply supply you with their business … read more

Recycling Fundraisers

You can also hold a month long drive and still bring in substantial profits. People like to contribute to recycling efforts because it makes them feel that they are participating in preserving the environment and it doesn’t cost them any money. It’s a win-win situation. Recycling can bring in good publicity for your club or group.

Some items your group can recycle for money are:

Cell Phones — It is estimated that 100 million cellphones are replaced every year. Throwing away cellphones … read more

Garage Sales Fundraisers

Garage Sales, tag sales, rummage sales, yard sales. Whatever you call them in your part of the country, we’ve all been to them, and we know that everyone loves to find a bargain at a garage sale. Some nonprofit organizations hold a yearly “spring cleaning” garage sale, or you can also hold a sale twice a year.

Members of the organization can save things all year long and accumulate lots of items to donate to the cause. Most members are usually very … read more

Special Event Fundraisers

Whatever kind of group or organization you belong to, you can think up some kind of event and raise funds with it.

Many creative special events become annual affairs that the community will remember and look forward to year after year. If your oganization becomes known for a certain event, these can grow larger and make more money in future years. Your organization can refine it’s operation and do it a little better every year. Hold a special event this year, and … read more

Loyalty Programs and Scrip Fundraisers

Parents are always looking for free and easy ways to improve their child’s education. School funding plays a big part in the education that your child receives, especially if you are in a smaller school such as a church school or private, independently owned school. There are several school fundraising and fund raiser programs that a parent can participate in that will help with the goal of raising funding for their school. The following paragraphs describe some of the most easy, effortless and popular school … read more

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