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What mom hasn’t baked a pan of brownies or Rice Kripsy Treats for a bake sale?

Bake sales can be as casual as one held at the baseball game or as elaborate as a yearly, well-publicized, holiday cookie sale.

Ideas for Creative Bake Sales

Monthly or Weekly bake sales school clubs can hold a bake sale the last Friday of every month. Parents donate cookies and treats that the students and teachers buy for dessert at lunchtime.

Churches can hold a weekly or monthly bake sale after services. Have a variety of items such as whole cakes to take home and individual cookies to eat at the church. Sell coffee and other drinks to go along with the treats. An easier method can be a weekly doughnut sale. Buy doughnuts at a local doughnut shop to sell after church services each week.

Holiday bake sales
are a nice way for people to buy homemade baked-goods that they normally don’t have the time to make or don’t know how to make.

Other items to sell at bake sales

Candy, chips, beef jerky, gum, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, juice. your group’s community cookbook, mixes and jars and bags. raffle tickets, any personalized items such as t-shirts

Combine bake sales with your other events - silent auction, craft fair, yard sale, annual meeting, book sale, plant sale. car washes, concerts, carnivals

Some members of your club may not be able to bake so offer members the opportunity to donate money or time to the sale. Money can be used to purchase advertising, supplies such as poster boards, or other food items to sell during the sale.

Good locations for Bake Sales
– Outside of businesses on a Saturday morning is a great time. Contact grocery stores, bookstores, home improvement centers, video stores, libraries, post offices, shopping malls.

Don’t forget to Publicize your bake sale – Post flyers and signs. If appropriate, buy advertising in the local paper.

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