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Advertising Sales Fundraisers

If your club or organization produces printed materials throughout the year such as programs, newsletters, yearbooks, handbooks, calendars, and the like, you can sell advertising space to help defray the printing expenses.

Advertising sales are popular with local small businesses. Self-employed business people such as insurance agents and hairdressers are likely to buy advertising. Make it easy for your advertisers and offer business card advertisements. This allows the advertiser to simply supply you with their business card which can then be reproduced for their ad.

You can also offer the members of your team or organization the option of buying “family ads.” Family ads can often be found in things such as yearbooks or programs. A family will buy an ad wishing their child good luck in the up-coming year.

Advertising with banners – Banner advertising is commonly sold by sports teams. A baseball team will sell a banner to a local business and display the banner on the fence surrounding the field. Banners can also be displayed by football teams, basketball teams, bowling teams, soccer teams, etc.

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