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Raise Money with a Fair Trade Fundraiser

Fair Trade Products Fundraising

If your nonprofit is looking for a product sales fundraiser that will bring in money for your organization as well as help the artisans and producers of the products consider having a Fair Trade Fundraiser.

Perhaps you have never heard of the term “fair trade.” The Fair Trade movement is a market-based approach to trade that empowers small farmers and producers of goods in developing countries by advocating the payment of a fair price for their products that are exported to developed … read more

Recession-proof Fundraising

Turn on any news show and you’ll hear analysts and pundits forecasting economic doom and gloom. Their reports are filled with words and phrases like “economic downturn,” “soft economy,” and the dreaded “recession.” While the jury is still out about whether or not we’re really in a recession, now is a great time to recession-proof your fundraising effort.

Weak economies can be very helpful for nonprofits. During such times, organizations are forced to be leaner and more efficient. When the economy rebounds, … read more

Your Fundraising Letter: Make it or Break it

It’s just about fundraising season! And that means it’s time to get a fundraising letter in the mail.

Before you get started, I wanted to share with you how to make your fundraising letter successful. I’ve seen folks spend hours and hours carefully editing their fundraising letter then get frustrated when it doesn’t give them the results they want. To help you avoid that same fate, consider these factors of your appeal’s success.

The List (40%) – The list you use to mail … read more

Do-It-Yourself Fundraisers

How to Host a Charity Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Are you looking for new ideas for your next fundraising event?

How about a wine tasting fundraiser? You don’t have to be a wine expert or live in wine country to host a charity wine tasting.

Wine tasting fundraisers can be as casual or as formal
or as want them to be. They can also be adapted to small groups or you can host a large gala wine tasting. There are many twists to raising money with a wine tasting.
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Fundraise With Donation Boxes And Jars

You have probably seen donation boxes or jars near the cash registers at businesses in your community. These can be a great way to gain not only money for your cause, but also publicity for your organization. Your organization can make the containers or your can buy professionally made containers at a very reasonable price.

The ideal container is a see-through one because potential donors will see that money has already been donated and will be motivated to give their own spare change at the cash … read more

Food Concession Fundraisers

If your organization has enough people and equipment or a location to do the cooking – try fundraising with food concessions.

You can cook food indoors, such as in a church or school kitchen,
or cook food outdoors on grills. Food concessions can be combined with events such as craft fairs, bazaars, car washes, tournaments, etc. Or, they can be done by themselves such as outside in a parking lot of a store on a weekend morning.

Indoor Food Concession Ideas

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Fundaising Basics

Fundraising Companies Seeking Sales Reps and Consultants

Here is a list of companies that are actively seeking fundraising sales representatives and fundraising consultants. More companies will be added as we find them. — The premier school fundraising program that is not only fun but, best of all, it can raise more money than all your other fundraisers combined. Call: 856-396-7304 or email at — Offers a wide variety of great gourmet products and educational services to help nonprofits raise money. Fill out an online … read more

The Principal’s Role in School Fundraising

When it comes to school fundraising, the principal’s endorsement is worth its weight in gold.

Principals, if they’re willing, can play a major role in the success of their schools’ fundraisers by working with the PTA or PTO to get parents, teachers and students excited about the program. Too often, principals delegate complete fundraising responsibility to someone else – often the school’s parent/teacher organization. Unfortunately, this hands-off approach can hamper a fundraiser’s success, which means students may miss out on that new computer lab … read more

Organizing Your School PTA Fundraising Effort

If you are involved in the PTA at your school, you may have come across the sad reality that funding is not what it used to be for most schools. This means that being a part of the school PTA will probably involve you having to organize a PTA fundraising effort at some point. If you want to make sure that your school has everything it needs financially, setting up some school fundraisers can really help the school out with its goals.

When you start your … read more

Fundraising Success Plan
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